November 28, 2017 We summon the guilty on that day blue

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You Have But One God

[20:98] Your only god is GOD; the One beside whom there is no other god. His knowledge encompasses all things. [20:99] We thus narrate to you some news from the past generations. We have revealed to you a message from us. [20:100] Those who disregard it will bear a load (of sins) on the Day of Resurrection. [20:101] Eternally they abide therein; what a miserable load on the Day of Resurrection! [20:102] That is the day when the horn is blown, and we summon the guilty on that day blue.

What does it mean that the disbelievers will be summoned on the Day of Judgement blue?

Angels Beat Up the Disbelievers

[47:27] How will it be for them when the angels put them to death? They will beat them on their faces and their rear ends. 

[75:22] Some faces, on that day, will be happy. [75:23] Looking at their Lord. [75:24] Other faces will be, on that day, miserable. [75:25] Expecting the worst. [75:26] Indeed, when (the soul) reaches the throat. [75:27] And it is ordered: "Let go!" [75:28] He knows it is the end. [75:29] Each leg will lay motionless next to the other leg. [75:30] To your Lord, on that day, is the summoning. [75:31] For he observed neither the charity, nor the contact prayers (Salat). [75:32] But he disbelieved and turned away. [75:33] With his family, he acted arrogantly. [75:34] You have deserved this. [75:35] Indeed, you have deserved this. [75:36] Does the human being think that he will go to nothing?


Like ripe fruit, the angles take the souls of the believers

[79:1] The (angels who) snatch (the souls of the disbelievers) forcibly. [79:2] And those who gently take (the souls of the believers) joyfully.


Baby lacking oxygen turns blue 

Sometimes babies are born quite purple in appearance, due to a minor oxygen deprivation in the last moments of birth, caused by cord compression or an odd position during crowning. Their colour will change to pink once their blood is fully oxygenated again. - See more at:


The Invention of Blue


Painter Edward Munch who had synesthesia painted Starry Night after the death of his first love in what he perceived as the color of a bruised heart. 

“In my art I attempt to explain life and its meaning to myself”

"A landscape will alter according to the mood of the person who sees it”

[3:106] The day will come when some faces will be brightened (with joy), while other faces will be darkened (with misery). As for those whose faces are darkened, they will be asked, "Did you not disbelieve after believing? Therefore, suffer the retribution for your disbelief."

 [10:27] As for those who earned sins, their requital is equivalent to their sin. Humiliation is their lot, and no one beside GOD can protect them. Their faces will seem overwhelmed by masses of dark night. They will be the dwellers of Hell; they abide therein forever.