February 8, 2018 Want vs. Need

Do you know what you are made of?


[26:10] Recall that your Lord called Moses: "Go to the transgressing people. [26:11] "Pharaoh's people; perhaps they reform." [26:12] He said, "My Lord, I fear lest they disbelieve me. [26:13] "I may lose my temper. My tongue gets tied; send for my brother Aaron. [26:14] "Also, they consider me a fugitive; I fear lest they kill me." [26:15] He said, "No, (they will not). Go with My proofs. We will be with you, listening. 

[20:41] "I have made you just for Me. [20:42] "Go with your brother, supported by My signs, and do not waver in remembering Me.


[2:286] GOD never burdens a soul beyond its means: to its credit is what it earns, and against it is what it commits. "Our Lord, do not condemn us if we forget or make mistakes. Our Lord, and protect us from blaspheming against You, like those before us have done. Our Lord, protect us from sinning until it becomes too late for us to repent. Pardon us and forgive us. You are our Lord and Master. Grant us victory over the disbelieving people." 

[7:42] As for those who believe and lead a righteous life—we never burden any soul beyond its means—these will be the dwellers of Paradise. They abide in it forever. 

[23:62] We never burden any soul beyond its means, and we keep a record that utters the truth. No one will suffer injustice.

Planet Earth Season II – Episode 4 - Deserts

  • Kalahari Desert watering hole
  • 100km from the nest’s of the sandgrouse chicks
  • Father has to make a 200km round trip to get water for their young
  • Threat of getting trampled by zebras, elephants or eaten by hawks
  • Go on every day for two months

Human being wants the easy way out – think it is better for them

[17:11] The human being often prays for something that may hurt him, thinking that he is praying for something good. The human being is impatient.


Sometimes you need God to save you from what you want so He can give you what you need



Uber drivers thinking they want Uber to incorporate tips, but when they did their wages actually went down? Why, because when the announcement that they added the ability to include tips was made this caused more people to want to drive for Uber and this increased the supply of drivers, but not the demand for rides.  

Believers: The Ultimate Victors

[2:216] Fighting may be imposed on you, even though you dislike it. But you may dislike something which is good for you, and you may like something which is bad for you. GOD knows while you do not know. 

Jonah Nineveh - thinking he can abandon his mission


  • Very bad reputation as a ruthless people
  • Using the skins and bones of the people they conquered 
  • Stone carvings of their ruthlessness as opposed to the Persian showing diversity and friendship
  • Cutting off the heads and sticking them on spikes 
  • Eyes poked out 
  • heads cut off 
  • The Mesopotamian god Ashur was the head of the Assyrian pantheon, and hence every decision made by the ruler was taken under the symbolic ‘validation’ of Ashur – ranging from plundering, massacres to even domestic policies.

"Yahweh again commands Jonah to travel to Nineveh and prophesy to its inhabitants.[11] This time he goes and enters the city, crying, "In forty days Nineveh shall be overthrown."[12] After Jonah has walked across Nineveh, the people of Nineveh begin to believe his word and proclaim a fast.[13] The king of Nineveh puts on sackcloth and sits in ashes, making a proclamation which decrees fasting, the wearing of sackcloth, prayer, and repentance.[14] God sees their repentant hearts and spares the city at that time.[15] The entire city is humbled and broken with the people (and even the animals)[16][17] in sackcloth and ashes.[18]”

Nineveh Syriac: ܢܝܼܢܘܹܐ‎ was an ancient Assyrian city of Upper Mesopotamia, located on the outskirts of Mosul in modern-day northern Iraq. It is located on the eastern bank of the Tigris River, and was the capital of the Neo-Assyrian Empire. Nowadays it is a common name for the half of Mosul which lies on the eastern bank of the Tigris.

Battle of Mosul (2016–2017)[edit] Main articles: Mosul offensive (2016) and Battle of Mosul (2016–17) After more than two years of IS occupation of Mosul, Iraqi, Kurdish, American and French forces launched a joint offensive to recapture the city on 16 October 2016.[89][90] The battle for Mosul was considered key in the military intervention against IS.[91] Turkish warplanes participated in the coalition strikes on Mosul, amid the escalating dispute between Baghdad and Ankara about the Turkish presence in Bashiqa.[92] A military offensive to retake the city was the largest deployment of Iraqi forces since the 2003 invasion by U.S. and coalition forces[93] On July 9, 2017, Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi arrived in preparation to announce the full liberation of Mosul and reclaim the city after three years of ISIL control.[94] A formal declaration was made on the next day.[95]

Ancient Warfare: Assyrian Empire and Macedonian Army 




Not wanting to fight

Do Not Abandon the Messenger 

[9:118] Also (redeemed were) the three who stayed behind. The spacious earth became so straitened for them, that they almost gave up all hope for themselves. Finally, they realized that there was no escape from GOD, except to Him. He then redeemed them that they may repent. GOD is the Redeemer, Most Merciful.



God Protects the Believers From Sin 

[12:23] The lady of the house where he lived tried to seduce him. She closed the doors and said, "I am all yours." He said, "May GOD protect me. He is my Lord, who gave me a good home.* The transgressors never succeed." [12:24] She almost succumbed to him, and he almost succumbed to her, if it were not that he saw a proof from his Lord. We thus diverted evil and sin away from him, for he was one of our devoted servants.

  • Joseph thrown in the well left for dead
  • Joseph sold as a slave
  • Joseph framed sent to prison
  • Joseph forgets God and stays in prison

Joseph’s Brothers

  • Thinking they wanted to get rid of Joseph
  • Learn how God favors the righteous
  • Joseph save them from famine 

Moses and the Teacher

  • Why bore a hole, why kill a boy, why not charge a wage


Mary - I wish I was dead and long forgotten

[19:23] The birth process came to her by the trunk of a palm tree. She said, "(I am so ashamed;) I wish I were dead before this happened, and completely forgotten."