July 24, 2017 Fractal Design of Quran

An object is Fractal when it has the property that the structure of its constituent parts reflect the structure of the whole and at various scales. The classic example would be a tree, where a branch of the tree held upright is as the whole tree, and even a leaf of a tree has in its veins a tree like branching structure. Thus a Fractal object is said to be self similar. Another property of Fractal objects is Nesting, i.e. the smaller constituents that make up the whole object and that reflect the structure of the whole object, are themselves contained within it. But then these smaller copies of the whole, themselves contain even smaller copies reflecting itself and the whole; and so on and so forth potentially ad infinitum. – Fractal.org


Benoit Mandelbrot - Hunting the Hidden Dimension Nova (2008)



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